Community Moderator Satisfaction Survey


(Jessie Schutz) #1

Hi everyone!

I’ve been asked to evaluate and make improvements to our Community Moderator (Superuser/Advocate) program. The first thing I want to do is survey our existing Mods to gauge their satisfaction and get feedback on existing perks that haven’t been executed well, as well as ideas for further improvement.

Does anybody have any suggestions for questions to include, or specific aspects I should no overlook?


(Sarah Hawk) #2

Hey Jessie,
This is a slight tangent, but I’ve spent some time recently analysing ways of finding out what motivates people to be a part of superuser programs with a view to incentivising them effectively to leverage that motivation. I have some thoughts that might be useful.

You need to figure out what their true motivations are but people don’t always know (or won’t admit it). They’ll say “to give back” but that’s rarely the case. It’s more likely that it’s status / connection to your brand / advance access to products… etc.

So rather than asking about existing process or incentives (that will automatically bias people so that they focus on the status quo rather than think about what they really want) I’d phrase the questions more openly. (There are good tips in this article.) Perhaps things like:

  • How would you like to be further involved with our brand/the program?
    These answers might give you ideas about the kinds of things they are interested in, which may indicate motivation. E.g. Do they want to organize meet-ups (is networking a motivation?)? If so, giving them extra responsibilities like that is more likely to motivate them than swag (for instance).

  • What would you change about the program?
    Google asked their Top Contributors this question and one responded with “I’d change the name. No one has any idea what Top Contributor means or how hard it is to get that status.” So that person’s motivation is pretty clear and they’d likely be motivated by a clear connection to the brand, whether that means a personal shoutout on the website or exclusive gear.

How involved have you been with the program to date? Are there aspects of it that aren’t working well from your perspective?

(Jessie Schutz) #3

Thanks for the input, Hawk!

So I’ve been fairly involved with the program, although it technically belongs to our Documentation Manager (an arrangement that pre-dates me by a number of years). I interact with the Mods on a regular basis and actually run point on most of their questions and feedback at this point, as our Docs Manager’s workload increases.

I wouldn’t necessarily say that there are aspects that aren’t working well…the program is active and we have a number of long-time, dedicated mods. The program has been around for a long time, though, and hasn’t really evolved from where it was when we were still a pre-IPO, scrappy startup. I’d like to formalize some processes, make sure that perks are being delivered as promised, and then start making improvements to take things to the next level. My ultimate goal is to grow it into a multi-tier program at some point in the future.

I want to validate some of my impressions about what could be improved with the existing Mods, as well as take their temperature to make sure they’re involved in the evolution of the program. It’s important for them to have a sense of ownership of it, you know?

(Sarah Hawk) #4

So much this!