Community Mgrs Encouraging Engagement (vs. Ambassadors)

(MHCommMgr) #1

As a patient to patient health community, we rely a lot on our ambassadors to engage members. But lately, they just haven’t been doing that good of a job. They’re dissatisfied with changes we’ve made to the forums, and generally not engaged. Rather than try to force these negative nellies to do more, we thought of getting in there ourselves while simultaneously recruiting new blood. However, our mods are concerned that going in as community manager and mod would disrupt the careful balance (I’m thinking of things like Welcome PMs, making sure people know their question was answered, etc.). I’m wondering if anyone else has opinions on this, especially others in health communities like @rebeccabraglio

(Sarah Hawk) #2

I can’t speak specifically to health communities, but I think that community by its definition means that there is a space for everyone.

If something isn’t working any more, try something new.