Community Manager of the Year

(Sarah Hawk) #1

A huge congratulations to @Suzi_Nelson – the recently announced winner of the CMAD Community Manager of the Year Award.

I have a lot of respect for the work that Suzi does. Join me in congratulating her.

You can read her interview here.

(Suzi Nelson) #2

Thanks @hawk and right back at ya! You were obviously my nomination - hands down one of the most helpful and generous community managers I know :slight_smile:

(Sarah Hawk) #3

Whoa whoa whoa. This is YOUR moment.

(Shreyas) #4

Congratulations @Suzi_Nelson! Eternally grateful to you for the Love our Lurkers initiative.

(Robyn Jordan) #5

Congratulations @Suzi_Nelson! Loved your talk at CMX Summit 16 and looking forward to what else you’ve got up your sleeve!!

(Colleen Young) #6

Congrats @Suzi_Nelson. I don’t know you outside of Feverbee. I have learned lots from you here and appreciate your contributions. Thank you and bask in the moment.

(Nick Emmett) #7

Woop! Awesome news and well deserved! Congratulations @Suzi_Nelson! :slight_smile:

(Jessica Malnik) #8

CMAD definitely got this one right. The Community Manager of the Year award couldn’t have gone to a more talented CM. Congrats @Suzi_Nelson! :slight_smile:

(Suzi Nelson) #9

Thanks all :smiley: Feelin’ the love!

(Laura Small) #10

Congrats @Suzi_Nelson !!