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Hi Team
I would be grateful. If some one can help me few newer ideas and practice in the launch of the community. I am looking for any previous topic discussed here or new about complete launch details. I am new here


Hi There —

If you’re launching a new community, and especially if it’s a brand/organization community I highly recommend watching Reaching Critical Mass and Psychology behind communities videos by @richard_millington.

Launching a community is like founding a new company. First, you need to define the mission/vision, find co-founders (founding members), find the product/market fit, make sure users (members) return and are getting value, then sell and market it.

Before doing a big launch, make sure you have enough friends or founding members who believe in the mission of the community and are interacting with each other. If we cannot get 20 early adopters who we know to interact with each other, even if you execute the best launch ideas, after a while all of them go away.

Also, could you please share what the community is about? That way I’m sure people can give more related launch ideas.

Good luck,

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