Community launch planning

(Nikoletta Harrold) #1

Continuing the discussion from [5 September] What are you working on this week?:

[I am working on a] project is for a company who is just breaking into the market to talk to their own customers online, so far all customer care and communication was handled through 3rd party vendors, who were resellers of their product, and the company just kept in touch with the re-sellers.

They are looking to launch several communities, albeit focusing on the external customer community first.

I am familiar with the development and infrastructural work, but need to have a plan for

  1. managing expectations and deliverables from the platform PS team (Lithium), who apparently are not delivering the service they got paid for

  2. have a plan for launching the new community and attract users and start engagement.

Anyone done community launch planning before?

(Sarah Hawk) #2

@Todd_Nilson will likely have valuable insight here. He has worked extensively with platform implementation teams. Potentially @LauraMac as well.

@Katie_Paffhouse_Buss is going through a launch and has some good strategy stuff planned. If you have specific questions, here is a good place to ask them: I started a community from scratch : Ask me Anything

(Todd Nilson) #3

Hi @Nikoletta_Harrold, I’ve worked on a number of large community implementations and would be happy to discuss the Lithium project with you and make what suggestions I can to help to get them back on track.

(Nikoletta Harrold) #4

Thank you @Todd_Nilson, i would love to take you up on that offer.

My first question is really along the lines of what can you expect from Lithiums PS team when it comes to implementation. The client I am working with tells me they have a great PS agreement and expect white glove treatment, yet all the lithium team is willing to give them is the Out of the Box experience of the platform. So they are super disgruntled. Before I can take on this project and know the details of the agreement, I wanted to scope, if and what other people’s experience is with PS services from Lithium?

(Todd Nilson) #5

Hi @Nikoletta_Harrold, I’m afraid I don’t have that much direct experience with Lithium’s PS team to give you a qualified opinion (I was involved with a team evaluation for a proof of concept project with a customer). However, in general, I’d suggest that the best insurance that there isn’t a disconnect between expectation and scope is to have a really clearly defined set of activities and associated deliverables. No duh, right, but it’s so often not the case that these questions are well resolved in advance of the engagement. If you’d like to talk live via phone or Skype, hit me up with a private message and I can set something up with you for early next week.

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tagging in @joecothrel here.

Know anyone that can help Joe?

(Nikoletta Harrold) #7

Sounds good @Todd_Nilson, I will pm you next week for a chat! And I agree on the clearly defined list of items, I doubt they have one, but it was the instruction I gave the manager as well, to go back to the Lithium team and get the list of deliverables included in the PS contract! Thanks for your insights.