Community Guideline Examples

(Sarah Hawk) #1

We've recently collected examples of new member guides and I've shown you my template for moderation guidelines.

I am part of a Facebook group for community professionals and yesterday there was a thread sharing examples of general community guidelines. I've compiled a list of what I consider the best of them (across a broad range of community types), so with any luck you'll find them useful.

Here are the guidelines (and the discussion around them) that I wrote for this community (when we move to Discourse).

They were based loosely on the ones that I wrote for SitePoint (which in turn, were based on the ones that Jeff wrote for Discourse)

Hotcouponworld have gone for nice and simple

We love Amy Muller's guidelines for Get Satisfaction (appropriately) takes a more serious approach

Becca McArthur drew from Wikipedia, StackExchange and DIY to write these for Socratic

Here is an example from a gaming community

Flickr do guidelines well 

as do Lonely Planet

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(Steve Bridger) #2

I wrote these community guidelines in the style of those that Heather Champ crafted for Flickr in 2004.