Community Engagement Statements (Internally)

Hey guys,
I have a bit of a challenge for you and for me.
How to engage a community is one thing and we obviously know the value of engagement.
But is also really important internally as we all do have internal stakeholders and co-workers.

  1. How do you get people to buy-in… to support what you are doing?
  2. How can we engage them and
  3. What are the engagement statements we are looking from our stakeholders and co-worker?

looking forward to get your ideas around it…

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Hi Anjo,

I think framing plays an important role in this. You’re probably already highlighting your goals, but do you do it in a way that business leaders truly understand the impact of your proposal?
I think the knowledge sharing example is really relevant for internal communities- Would you like to empower every employee to become an expert in their field?

Once you get their buy-in. Do not work in your own silo. It’s great that you’re already thinking to get them involved and engaged. Here are the ways in which different teams can help your community.
While some of these might not be relevant to internal communities, I think they help paint a picture.

These are slides from a talk/webinar by @richard_millington that I’ve found to be really useful. So I’ve saved it and refer to it every now and then.

Another idea to keep in mind is that, if you want internal stakeholders to stay “bought-in,” it’s best if you can get the supervisors to incorporate this into the internal goals and performance metrics for the employees in their group. If supporting the community is directly tied into the ongoing quarterly reviews or performance reviews, it’s much easier to make it part of their daily routine, and keep it as a priority.


Thank you @dun3buggi3 this was awesome!

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