Community Data

We all know how important community data is not only to find out what your members want but also to justify your existence to the hand that feeds you.

At my company we are pretty good at getting that data from our community forums but as the manager of the “Superusers” group, I would love to know what you expect from your superusers in terms of their percentage of posts compared to the general community posts?

I think we’re doing great, we’re at an average of 33% of all posts in our forums are written by our superusers but I’d love to hear from this community how that fares across community forums in general. So I can either brag the hec out of that number to our execs or work much harder to increase that to match my fellow community managers’ results (or do both!)

Is there an “industry standard” here? Please let me know what your expectations or data results are in this regard. Thank you!