Community Builder vs Community Manager

(Alicia) #1

I head up a site/resource/destination that houses over 300+ communities. As typical there is a 90/10 rule across topics. The popular topics rule the metrics and drive the overall conversations. I've been thinking about breaking up the Community Manager (CM) role into two roles, a community builder and a community manager. To date, I've been relying on the CMs to build the community, but I'm thinking the skill set is very different between the two. Is anybody else dividing this role? I'm thinking the CB would get the community to a point where they can hand off to a CM to manage and ideally SEO/Community will assist in the continued growth.


(Sarah Hawk) #2

I think that it's becoming more common to differentiate between CMs and strategists, and it makes sense.

Writing and executing a strategy requires different skills to being on the shop floor. I think that the former needs experience with the latter, but not necessarily the other way round. A CM role could be a more junior position than a strategy role.