Community as home page or not?

What are people’s thoughts for public communities on having the first thing people land on be the community home page, as opposed to a static web page or blog style set of pages?

The main purpose behind this community is the community itself, so any blog or static content would be to drive people towards signing up and engaging with the community. That points me to just dispense with a separate way of publishing… but something forum based publishing looks messy and stuff can get lost easily.

What do people think?

Our domain name, , redirects people to a static page on our Discourse platform. From there, clicking on the header, or any of the links in the page, lead people farther into the community site.

I’m not sure how to gauge how well it works, but it certainly simplifies our web stuff. We don’t have to maintain any web site at all. Our Discourse-based forum is the entire web presence.


Interesting! I do see the value in a simplified publishing set up. How did you create the static page in Discourse?

Hi Dave
This content may help you: The Right Way To Design Your Online Community’s Homepage

At the bottom of the article, you have:

3) Showing static content instead of new activity

Don’t show static content to members who have seen it hundreds of times before.

Too many communities violate this rule. 70%+ of the content on your homepage should show fresh activity members can easily scan through.

In my experience, it helps a lot to have recent active showing up on the community homepage for newcomers because sometimes they are just passing by to see what is going on - so seeing recent activity is a good thing to get their attention.

If you don’t have a lot of activity, maybe you should consider having static content.

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This is terrific advice, thank you!

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There’s a “page publishing” feature

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ah, lovely

If you’re self-hosted, there’s the Landing Pages Plugin 🛩 - plugin - Discourse Meta. I’m looking forward to doing away with WordPress (but that may just be a personal problem).

If you’re community-first, then having people land on the community seems like what you want with some links to some “about” or whatever pages in a header.

I am quickly annoyed by Discourse sites with huge headers that keep you from being able to get to the actual forum. If you have some kind of thing like that, make sure that it’s very easy to make it go away, and maybe doesn’t show at all for logged in users.

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