Communities that have succeeded at monetising through sponsorship or ads (not membership)

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I thought I’d check in here (been a while, sorry @richard_millington !)

Of course, the topic title that caught my eye was the one above by Hawk (who I know is presenting today so I’ll not ping her) … but it is from 2015 and much has changed in that time.

Are there good examples of communities (of interest) that have succeeded in getting revenue from outside sponsors, or even advertising - particularly in the UK?

I like the idea of finding ways to support good communities out there as a means of both engaging with the right kinds of people (that also fit a customer or campaign target) AND giving back to community managers and owners who have invested in building their communities.

But I can’t, honestly, think of too many that have managed this well. Can you?

There are plenty that are paid for by brands, and quite a few monetising through membership … but what about sponsorship?


I find it really easy to monetize through content. Let’s say, creating a post or a page that is a huge list of tools and make sure it is easily accessible from everywhere. You want to have a lot of engagement and clicks there. Then you can get paid for linking a product from that list.