Communities should take ownership and become thought 'provokers'

(Malusi Mkhize) #1

Every community needs to be active! How else would you then measure the effectiveness or impact a community has if the numbers are there but there is no activity.
So the next logical question is how then would you get a community active? And perhaps more importantly how do you leverage on that activity to align both community objectives with those of your business?

As a Content Specialist only one answer emerges that is Content!
Content is the lifeblood of any community! However, this philosophy has to be focused! Not just any content will do!
This has to be strategic content focused towards provoking a community and essentially turning it into one made up of thought leaders. When this happens the support needed form a community is achieved.

See the content needs to speak to community members therefore, it needs to have value. Community members need to see the value of firstly belonging to a community and secondly being active members. It’s content that will make your objectives tangible to community members.
So how content is packaged and consumed it imperative towards successful Community Management!