Communities and the Digital Workplace

(outofthebox) #1


In your experience, how central are communities to the modern, digital workplace?

For instance, is the collaborative work the priority- project management, task lists, document sharing, knowledge management? And a community comes around these activities?

Or are the people and the community at the heart of the modern digital workplace, and the collaborative work tools are available as needed?

As a follow-up, or as another way of approaching the question, what platforms do you think are leading the way for the digital workplace? Are they work-centric or community-centric technologies?

I welcome reframing of the questions as well.

(Sarah Hawk) #2

I might be misunderstanding you, but to my mind you’re talking about two quite separate things.
Project management / task management / document collaboration etc are fundamental parts of most organisations, but I wouldn’t say that community was. Many organisations also have knowledge management and collaboration tools – in some cases formal intranets – but still not necessarily communities.

I would suggest that work-centric technologies play a much bigger role for most organisations.

(Peter Staal) #3

I think your touching on something that companies only recently are beginning to experiment with. Dion Hinchcliffe provides very interesting insights here


“New ways of working are being developed using a community-first model. Organizations like the industrial product giant Bosch have imagined how their core processes work to literally require community to get the them done, in order to maximize the benefits. I cited how one key process that took 4 weeks, was collapsed to 6 days when it was re-engineered to work using the company’s enterprise social network.”


(outofthebox) #4

Hi Peter,

This was the perfect article. Yes, this is exactly what I’m talking about. That’s the vision I’m buying into.

What software platforms realize this vision? It seems to me that Jive-n + Jive-x enables this. Are there others that come to mind?

(Peter Staal) #5

Yes Jive x and Jive n. Also Bosch is doing exactly this, with IBM Connections. So both tools could do the job.