Comments on articles


(Joel Rangelle) #1

Hi, I was wondering if you could open comments on the FB articles? I often find myself wanting to ask further questions or to add some additional insight and I’m not sure how to comment.

(Richard Millington) #2

The short answer, is we can…but I’m probably not going to.

It’s more of a personal choice. I tended to find myself spending too much time going through the comments and a lot of "that’s not what I meant" style of discussions :slight_smile:. I think Twitter and other mediums are probably a better vehicle for response these days on articles.

I used to have all the blog posts automatically published on here, but most of the time there weren’t any comments and it clogged up the community activity. I was also breaking our own rules on self-promotion here too :slight_smile:

(Joel Rangelle) #3

Ha, fair enough.

I’m rather surprised by using Twitter as a respojse for articles. I never would have thought about that. I would think you would want to capture all of the interaction and engagement on your own site, but I can also see how discussion over articles on Twitter can make it go viral on their platform.

(Richard Millington) #4

I don’t really mind if there is any response to the articles or where it goes :slight_smile:

I try to reply to most emails I get, but I’m struggling to get through that most days.

I don’t really want this to be about ‘me’, but about ‘us’. If people want to talk about my blog posts in here, that’s fine. If they want to talk about the incredible work others are doing, that’s even better.

(Joel Rangelle) #5

I should have clarified. I didn’t mean for it to be about you (or even me), but about shared discussion over great ideas. :thinking: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: