Coming up with job titles that describe AND recruit

(Kurt Vanderah) #1

Hey everyone! Would love your input on how to attract the right kind of people by best describing the two roles we have.

  • One role emphasizes moderation/facilitation, so it needs a level of subject matter expertise. This person is more the face of a community, engaging in forums and especially leading member calls and meetings. This role has an emphasis on member-to-member connections, though that can only occur if you know members one-on-one.
  • The other role pays more attention to the behind-the-scenes: Metrics analysis, strategizing member outreach, as well as onboarding members. This role leans more toward staff-to-member connection.

We have multiple people in each role, and we need more – but I don’t know that we’ve ever found the right titles to make our job ads pop, especially for that first role. “Community Manager” hasn’t brought in enough public-presentation presence, so we’re toying with titles like Facilitator, Community SME, Community Moderator… but maybe we’re trying too hard.

We know what our people do – we just don’t know what to put on their business cards! :smile: Would love input from people who might understand this best. Thanks!


(Sarah Hawk) #2

I love this topic.

I have a couple of questions for you @kurtvan
Have you asked the people that are currently in the positions what they view their roles as (or would like their job titles to be)? I’m curious as to how they see themselves.

Are the roles of equal standing? (This doesn’t affect the job titles at all, I’m just curious on this one).

[quote=“kurtvan, post:1, topic:1740”]
we’re toying with titles like Facilitator, Community SME, Community Moderator…
[/quote] Those sound a little dry. I don’t believe in glorified job titles for the sake of it, but you’re trying to attract dynamic, interesting people and those titles don’t make them sound like particularly dynamic, interesting roles.

(Kurt Vanderah) #3

Hi @HAWK! Good questions all around:

· Yes, but we’re muddy on the titles ourselves. We’ve tried variations on the responsibilities – trying on different titles for size, changing responsibilities – so we may be too close to it anymore

· We’ve had as equal roles in the past; thinking this next version might have the facilitator as a more senior position (and to have one per community) where the other role might straddle two communities

· I don’t think these pop either, that’s why I need the help :slight_smile:

Maybe another way to look at this is: Who has a title you’re especially proud of? How does it sum up what you do? If you were on the hunt, would you search for a job with the same title?


(Richard Millington) #4

Maybe a little controversial thoughts on this, but try them all. Unless you’re paying for really expensive job ads, I’d cast a wider net and see what pops up. Why not try 3 different ads with the same title?

Most companies spend around $3k to $5k recruiting good staff. If you get someone great, it pays for itself really quickly. I’m also guessing every day you delay costs you money too. So I’d literally just try all the ads and see what sticks. $50 to $100 per week per test isn’t a bad cost to pay here.

You can look around what some of the Silicon Valley crowd use too. Most of the startups will have a variation of community manager.

I’d be curious how you’re promoting it. Is it to the existing community? Job ad boards? etc?

(Sarah Hawk) #5

In my experience, people tend to like job titles that make them sound important, but don’t mean that they have to explain what they do every time someone hears it.

Are both roles of equal standing, or is one more senior than the other?

I totally agree with Rich’s idea of testing several. Some people care about job titles way more than others, and different things probably appeal to different people.

(Steve Bridger) #6

Hi @kurtvan

The first role does sound like a “Community Manager” - or “Community Lead” (if, as @HAWK said, this role is more senior). Even “Community Specialist” if the role really requires domain expertise.

Now the second role…

That sounds a bit like “Community Insight” - except the ‘onboarding members’ bit, which might be part of the other role?? Maybe “Community Advocate”?

I would like to see more “Community Insight / Analyst” roles emerge.

(Sarah Hawk) #7

So would I! I would love to have a G.Analytics expert on my team. It is by far the biggest hurdle that I stumble upon daily.

(Luis Villa) #8

Raising this back up, wondering if others have job titles they like.

I struggle with “Community Manager”, both because it carries negative implications about the community (they’re to be constrained or controlled, rather than partnered with) and about the person (management is often considered very undynamic: not focused on growth, innovation, etc.)

I’m considering “Community Partnership Manager” or “Community Partnership Development” to capture some of that mutuality, but wondering if others here have come up with better thinking since '15…

(Shreyas) #9

I really like “Community Strategist” and “Community Facilitator”, which sort of conveys that you’re just helping around. But you should definitely look at this thread.

(Luis Villa) #10

Thanks for the pointer!