Combining two similar tags into one

(Emilio F. Castillo) #1

Our forum is on Discourse. We are seeing similar tags being generated for the same topic.

For example: “video” & “videos”

How can I combine or merge these into one tag, say video.

I cannot rename the tags because the name I would choose is taken by the other tab.

(Sarah Hawk) #2

How many posts are you talking? If not many, you could manually add the one you want to the posts, delete the one you don’t want, and then restrict permissions so that members can’t create new tags.

(Emilio F. Castillo) #3

Thank you for responding.

The tag I want is already in existence…but I am trying to bring over other tags to this new tag.

As an example, a tag for “video” and for “videos” both exist. I was hoping to globally combined these under “video”

(Sarah Hawk) #4

Understood. :slight_smile:

I was suggesting going to the posts that don’t currently have that tag associated, and choose it for them. Then delete the other one.

If you’re talking hundreds of posts this may not be feasible, but my understanding is that you’re still in the very early stages, right?

(Emilio F. Castillo) #5

Copy that, yes, I can buckle down and make that happen.

I just thought I read somewhere on here that there was a “merge” feature and I was wondering if it was hidden somewhere.

(Sarah Hawk) #6

There is a merge posts and merge accounts feature, but as far as I know that isn’t the case for tags.

@Jay_Pfaffman or @erlend_sh can probably confirm.

(Emilio F. Castillo) #7

Ok, that helps. Again, thank you for your response.