Collecting member/user feedback

(Isabelle Celentano) #1

What are some of the ways that you collect feedback from community members or site users? Are there any tools out there to help with aggregating this information?

Right now, we have user feedback coming in from several different channels: in our personal and team email accounts, from the contact form on our site, through direct member outreach and surveys, in-person networking, etc… We’re currently struggling with where to put this information so that all team members can access it and get it out of their email.

Any suggestions?

(Darren McKay) #2

I use Trello for my community ‘to do’ list. It’s a nice tool for this sort of thing.

You could set up lists for things such as: bugs, functional improvements etc

You can even make a board public, if you so choose, so that your community can see what is raised, is known and is on your radar. This may help reduce duplicate items coming in to your team.

(Alessio Fattorini) #3

We use directly discourse with new topics where I ask feedback and invite people to join them