Code template of Feverbee's interactive banner?

Feverbee community,

After reading the indispensable community and its chapter on modeling/guiding a member’s first steps in the community through requesting for input into it, I’m looking into creating the same functionality in my banner as the Feverbee community has. I’m fully behind the idea and it’s reason. I got some coding skills, but there is still much to be learned on this front.

For the reasons mentioned above, I’m curious whether a basic template exist for it. If not are you willing to share some parts of the code, or maybe list the api calls/css/script made?

Happy to hear from the community. It has been a very rewarding choice to join the platform and the resources available, thank you! :pray:


In the past, Hawk posted about some of what she did with Discourse when she was community manager here. She works at Discourse now so you could check out her posts there too:

This might be useful too:


The top part of the banner you can come close to with the versitle banner theme may be what you’re looking for.
The Popular Topics an “can you help these people” pages are likely done in a plugin but I believe can now be done in a theme component. I don’t think I’ve noticed those elements in publicly available themes, but you might ask over on meta, and if you have a budget, you can ask in


There is some custom stuff in the banner theme component here which isn’t part of the theme components linked above but it’s proprietary code so you’d have to ask @richard_millington if he’s willing to share. Hopefully he will (in the spirit of open source). :wink:

If not, I’d recommend posting on Meta asking for direction. There is nothing tricky about the banner here (it’s all just CSS, HTML and JS) but if you’re not a reasonably savvy front-end dev you might be better off hiring someone from the marketplace to do it for you, as Jay recommends.

@Jay_Pfaffman there are no plugins involved here – at the time we wanted to avoid having to upgrade off a Business plan.


I’m happy to share it if anyone can direct me where to find it :slight_smile:



It’s at Then then you’d click on the Edit CSS/HTML button and copy/paste the stuff that’s in there.

If you like, I will download the theme, sanitize the feverbee pieces, and post it on github. (I’d need an API key from, I think, to do that, or message me for more details.)

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Sure thing, will message you.


I got the themes. I’ve got a big deployment that I need to be working on and a bigger-than-minor kitchen remodel happening at this very minute, but I’ll do my best to get the themes sanitized a bit and pushed to github this week!


How’s your kitchen remodeling going? :grin:
Is there anything I can do in the mean time to help you out?

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Working on it now. :slight_smile:


If you want to use it, you’ll need to do some javascript editing. It would be nice to use theme settings to control it, but that would take me a few hours that I don’t have right now.


Thanks for doing this Jay, I hope others find it useful.