CMX Platform Guide

(Richard Millington) #1

CMX published their platform guide today.

It's probably the best platform guide I've seen in this field.

It covers over a 100 community platforms and features many of our members here (including FeverBee's very own @Hawk)

You can find it here. 


(Bas van Leeuwen) #2


"I’m migrating everything off vB and my advice to others is Run! Run for the hills!"--Sarah Hawk, Community @ Feverbee 

It is a very nice overview, featuring a lot of known faces :-)

(Richard Millington) #3

Hawk's not known to mince her words.

(Sarah Hawk) #4

I say nice things with just as much passion though.

(Nick Donoghue) #5

Really comprehensive! Like the writing style as well.