CM salary levels for the Glasgow, Scotland?

(Regina Walton) #1

Maybe there is a better place for me to find this info, but my company is looking to recruit a CM for our Glasgow, Scotland office. This person would manage the community of one of our clients.

From what I’ve been told we’ll need someone experienced vs. not. Probably 1 to 2 years of CM or applicable experience.

With that said, it’s a new role we’re seeing if it makes sense to fill. A starting point is having a good idea of what CMs in that area make. Thanks in advance.

(Sarah Hawk) #2

Hi Regina,
While I don’t have information that relates specifically to Scotland, I can give you a rough guide.

For a reasonably inexperienced CM, ~US$50k is probably ballpark. Here are the average salaries from last year (note they are for more experienced roles).

You can download a copy of the full report here.

Payscale put it at significantly less, but I don’t think that’s an accurate reflection.

@Darren_Gough might have a better handle on the market in the UK.

(Darren Gough) #3

Hi @ReginaWalton,

The market in the UK tends to be a bit fractured in my experience, usually in correlation to how valuable the company thinks community management is / will be.

I think the US has a much better oversight of the pay structure - I’d say @HAWK’s table in the ballpark for the UK, although perhaps a bit punchy in the high end of the ranges.

If I were recruiting today for someone with a couple of years experience, a decent set of achievements during those 2 years and as an investment in community I’d probably look around the £40-£50K mark. Everyone will have their own opinion on that - I just know that in teams I’ve built the £30-£35K mark tended to attract applicants who needed a lot more hand holding.

If you have the time to do that, you can still find some incredible people out there - we moved extremely quickly so we needed someone who could hit the ground running.

I was also recruiting in London so cost of living played a part. That’s a consideration the tables and research don’t always take into account.

In the USA, for example, I’d expect NYC, San Francisco and maybe a handful of other cities to skew the salary curve significantly upwards.

Worth perhaps searching other jobs in Scotland and see what the going rate is. We’re also lucky to have @Todd_Nilson on our team who has a background in recruitment. He’s based in the US but I’m certain would offer some useful pointers if that would help.

(Kristen Gastaldo) #4

I’ve yet to see a CM role in London in this range, so let me know if you’re hiring ;). I’ve only half-looked, so I’m not the authority on it - but it seems more like 25-30k, which seems crazy in a city this expensive!

(Darren Gough) #5

Hey @Kristen_Gastaldo,

Yes it’s a really tricky thing. The ones that do put salary front and centre tend to be on the lowest end of the range. A lot of more heavyweight CM jobs tend to just put “competitive salary” so it’s hard to gauge consistency.

I actually think at the 30K mark you can find good people, for sure. My experience is they can need a little more development time (which is absolutely fine and reasonable) - we just needed to recruit at a slightly more developed level.

The other thing that’s interesting is that I think a good CM candidate can actually push the salary bracket up on a good interview. Community knowledge is still poor in many companies - if you can go in and tell them how you’d add value it can be a good tactic.

(Kristen Gastaldo) #6

Fair enough. Those roles also tend to be a bit mixed with social media manager as well. You can definitely find good people for 30k. It’s just a tough range for London. I imagine Glasgow is more affordable.

I’d be interested to hear stories where this happened. I’ve only had one corporate job, so I wonder how flexible most companies are on the range.

(Richard Millington) #7

For Glasgow I’d probably go for the £26k - £30k region for 1 to 2 year’s experience.

But it depends on a lot of things.

(Regina Walton) #8

Great info, @Darren_Gough. Thanks! This helps. I know that my company keenly aware of cost, but as this would be for a client quality definitely matters: a lot.

As I used to live in NYC and now I’m back in the Bay Area, you’re right about where you live. I think since they’re placing this role in Glasgow they are hoping it will come in a bit lower than if the role was based in our London area office.

(Regina Walton) #9

Thanks for starting this off!

(Regina Walton) #10

I’ve learned to push a bit when it comes to salary simply because the reports say that women tend not to and, as a result, that’s one reason that we’re not paid as much as men. I’ve got the double whammy of being female and a minority.

Ask. The worst that can happen is they say “no”.

(Regina Walton) #11

Thanks, @richard_millington! That hits me as about right as I know the pay rate of some other roles in our Glasgow office.

(Richard Millington) #12

We have this challenge quite a lot. A lot of the top talent lives naturally in New York and San Francisco where the cost of living and wages are far higher. More so the level of competition for talent is especially fierce. This means a $60k hire in the rest of the USA would be around $90k - $100k in those territories.

I also agree with those who note the market is VERY mercenary out there. Most of the community managers in the region I know have been in their current job for around 18 months. Once a more exciting, venture-backed, companies comes along with more cash…it’s hard to compete.