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Hi there,

I work for a national charity and am jointly managing a community that we developed in autumn 2016 for families and carers.

We’re still getting our heads around Discourse, in particular deciphering the stats and trying to work out the email templates. If anyone has any useful tips on Discourse statistics and what they mean, I’d be super grateful to hear from you!


So, what are you working on?
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Hi Sian,

I do. What are you stuck on specifically?

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Hi @HAWK, thanks for getting back to me!

I work for a charity and we have just launched our community. I will have to report on the success of it to our senior management board soon, but we find the stats quite confusing.

I’m a community manager not a developer and fairly new to Discourse so I’m not a 100% how to interpret the stats provided by Discourse - I can’t find a definition of each anywhere. We’re particularly interested in the following:

User Visits
New Users
Time to first respond

So for instance what counts as a post - is this replies to topics or does it also include the initial topic? Is an user visit similar to a session in Google analytics? Is there a way to see total (page) views? What does time to first respond mean? Is there a way to see the amount of active members (have either posted or started a topic) in relation to total amount of members? We can’t seem to make the stats tally and so it makes us doubt them.

Any help would be much appreciated!

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No problem – I’ll clarify what I can and we’ll call in @erlend_sh to corroborate (or corrrect).

User Visits: Registered, logged in users visiting your site
New Users: New registrations
Topics: No of new threads
Posts: No of responses to threads (including initial post)
Time to first respond: How long before someone responds to a new topic

I believe the answer is yes, it includes the OP

A session in GA would include unlogged in users as well.

Google Analytics

Yes – install the Data Explorer plugin and you can use SQL to query your entire database. I can provide you with a query that will return the number of active members (i.e. have made at least one post) in a given timeframe. You can get total users from the top right of your /users page. e.g.

Discourse analytics are actually pretty great compared with other native platform metrics. It takes me about 20 mins per month to pull the following (with the exception of DAU/MAU) from Discourse and GA alone.

That said, if you want more insights, both Community Analytics and Discourse Metrics offer useful paid services /cc @Bas_van_Leeuwen and @DiscourseMetrics

Does that go some way to helping you clarify things?

Metrics for benchmarking community health
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That’s amazing, thanks so much @HAWK!