Choosing and crafting a community's voice?

Hello everyone! I’ve just become the community program manager for an existing community that’s been neglected for the last year or so. It’s customer service and support focused, and in the technology sector. It’s an exciting time, because I get to plan a nearly ground-up rebuild of the community vision, mission, user experience, and engagement strategy!

But one of the things I’m struggling with is how to choose and craft the ‘voice’ I want the community to have, and then how to sell that voice to my internal stakeholders. In the 4 short weeks of my tenure, I’ve discovered that our internal environment is energetic, dynamic, and full of really smart and engaged people. The community doesn’t currently reflect that attitude at all. Because it’s a business site, I need the space to be professional but I don’t want it to be stiff. Before I start slinging memes at my membership (not really), I thought I’d see what you all had to say.

All tips, tricks, and thoughts are very much welcome. Thanks!

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