Case Studies & reports

(Tanja Laub) #1

I’m looking for case studies and reports that show the power of Community related to numbers. I know …

I know the Lithium and Milward Brown one, which I actually like but is already a couple of years old:

and I remember reading somewhere that 49 % of Customer Care Communities reduced costs by 10-20 % but can’t remember where :roll_eyes:

On this forum I found two related topics:

Anyone has better or newer studies in mind?

(outofthebox) #2

Hi @tanjaontour, can you clarify: what kind of community? An intranet, a customer support forum?

(Tanja Laub) #3

My focus is on special interest and customer care. But don’t mind all of it. I’m researching this thing for an article at the moment. It is not that I need to persuade my boss.

(Richard Millington) #4

Hi there @tanjaontour,

I think I’ve shared a bunch of these in my book/ talks/ twitter over the years.

There’s generally two types of reports here, brand created and academic.

The brand created ones tend to be impressive but prone to a lot of bias / not sharing their analysis or how they came to those numbers. i.e. Dell might claim Ideastorm generated them $10k per idea…but they won’t share how they came to those numbers. Looking at Lithium, Salesforce, and others will bring up a big list of case studies of ROI.

The academic ones are a LOT better but you have to deal with the nuance that often they measure things like “purchase intent” rather than actual purchase or perceived customer satisfaction. There are a few direct metrics, like this one a while back,

but they’re in the minority.

You can find a lot just by looking for terms like value of online communities, virtual communities, roi etc…on Google Scholar

Hope that helps.

(Tanja Laub) #5

Great thanks @richard_millington yes that helps a lot. I’ve got both your books here and reading them at the moment.