Can anyone recommend an event check-in app?

(Robert Maaye) #1

Hi All

A colleague of mine is hosting an event and needs a check-in app that can live sync across numerous devices quickly with a simple user interface. Thought I would ask the community on his behalf as you’re such a helpful bunch! Can anybody recommend one they have used successfully please?

Thanks in advance

(Colleen Young) #2

I like Eventbrite.

(Sarah Hawk) #3

+1 for Eventbrite.

I’ve used ShowGizmo too, which is ok but not brilliant.

(Katie Paffhouse Bussey) #4

Hi! Is the goal to have people see specifically who is in an area?

(Barbara Maim) #5

Depends on what you’re looking for.

Disclaimer: I’m the CEO of Minsh. We’ve been providing an app to FeverBee for their SPRINT conferences in SF and London for the past year.

(Robert Maaye) #7

Hi Katie. In truth I’m not 100% sure I think it is a big element but he might be looking for something to manage other aspects of his awards event as well. I’ll have to get back to you!

(Robert Maaye) #8

Brilliant thanks Barbara! I’ll send him your link and I’m sure he will be in touch directly if he wishes to take it further.