Calculate Your Community’s Value (free spreadsheet package)

(Richard Millington) #1

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If you don’t have time to develop complex formulas to calculate the value of your community, we’ve created a free spreadsheet package to do this for you.

It’s accessible to each of you for free today.

This simplifies the process of calculating return, profit, and ROI into a much easier process of collecting and dropping in relevant metrics.

You can download it, duplicate it, adapt it, rip it apart and customize it entirely to your community.

Have fun.

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(Colleen Young) #2

Thanks Rich! I just filled out the form, but the Twitter pop-up didn’t populate. Posted a tweet the manual way. I look forward to getting the package.

(Christina Griffin) #3

Thanks! I completed the form, but I had to ask for access on the Google Drive.

(Richard Millington) #4

Hmm, I think the problem here is with PWC sadly:

This link should work though: