Buzzing Communities Clarifying Questions

(Alex Bowen) #1

I am reading Buzzing Communities and am trying to set up my spreadsheet and graphs as shown in the book.

I have a few questions around how he calculated some figures as well as some clarification around vernacular.

  • Page 47 Growth figures table how do I calculate “% of members by the community”?

  • Page 48 the bottom figure “# responses to discussions initiated by the community” – which line from the table does that one represent/how do I get that metric?

Even better – does anyone have these templates built out already to share?

Maybe i’ve been staring at my computer for too long and am brain dead. Thanks!

(Richard Millington) #2

Hey @Alexandra_Anna_Bowen,

This varies pretty wildly depending upon what platform you’re using and what data you have access too which is why I didn’t give a specific process in the book (or I don’t think I did, it was a few years ago now).

For % of members via the community, you have a few options. 1) Is simply to ask the last 20 to 50 members how they heard about the community. If this is something that was organic (i.e. referral from members / search / heard about it from ‘somewhere’), that would be a member from the community. If they came via an email or message from you/the company, then that’s not by the community. Now generalise this metric for each week/month etc…

For responses to discussions initiated by the community manager, this is very much the same process. Given the difficulty of this, I’d probably just use discussions initiated by community manager vs. those initiated by the community today. I think @HAWK simply counts the discussions each month and subtracts those she started…which you can do in a small community. Otherwise pick a random sample of 20 (the more the better) and see who created it.

(Sarah Hawk) #3

Pretty much – I use system generated stats, but that is the calculation.

Does this all make sense to you now @Alexandra_Anna_Bowen? Feel free to ask further questions.