Building internal communities of practice

(Anthony topham) #1

Good afternoon all
I’m really keen to here about peoples experience in growing internal communities of practice within an organisation. Any suggested platforms? Ive seen this best dealt with when there is an internal integrated system such as the Google suite but more often than not the organisations are pushing for the community to be on their intranet or god forbid Sharepoint, pretty much the death of open conversation.
Any thoughts gratefully recieved.

(Sarah Hawk) #2

Hey @anthonytopham – great to hear from you.

This topic might be useful. I think @Ernesto_Izquierdo has some experience with internal communities as well so may be able to jump in.

I’m curious – what makes an internal CoP different to an external one like this (from a technological standpoint)?

(Sarah Hawk) #3

Also calling @carmentaubman in.

(Carmen Taubman) #4

We are trying out slack as our platform. Very new community but it’s great that they provide basic metrics (how many ppl joined the community in past week, how many messages sent, how many messages were private vs public etc).

(Ernesto Izquierdo) #5

Hi Anthony, How big is your organisation?

SharePoint 2013 and it’s not a recommended solution for this. We’ve tried it and failed (the tool has huge gaps). Depending on what you aim to achieve a tool might be more useful than others. There’s a really interesting comparative created by Lecko, it’s free:

If you really aim to have an integrated approach across the whole organisation (an enterprise social network “ESN”) you need indeed a project to set it up and then animate it on a single platform that can connect to your existing tools (email, calendar, online chat…) or your communities will be yet another silo.

Jeff Ross has written a well documented Playbook for ESNs