Building Community Website

We are building our Community website which consists of links to Forums and Knowledge Base, however, we also have added Product Documentation and Training (LMS) as menu items on our main nav within the Community.

Is this ok? Or do references to Product Documentation and Training not belong in the Community? I see it implemented differently all over.

To me my thought process was we want the Community to be our single website where customers can go to get any type of support and help, whether it be from real people via discussions or via a topic in a help manual.

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There is no correct answer here. Community doesn’t have a set of rules. You need to see what makes sense to your audience. Your goal is to make their life easier. If finding all the resources in one place does that, then you’re doing the right thing. If it complicates things, you’re not.


Yea, I agree with what Hawk just said - you need to figure out what makes sense to your community.
I can share how we do it in our community. It’s a community around the Product, and forums are about Q&A among end-users of our product (developers). In our case, we have a top menu, “Learn,” right next to “Community.” In that menu, we have the training materials and product documentation.


Agreed with both @HAWK and @veratiago

What’s their journey? You should be able to see some of that if you have GA or HotJar or something in place, to see where people visiting your web properties are going to and coming from.

Another thing to maybe consider would be a developer portal which would be a portal to all of the information that the developer/user might need, and helps them with the onboarding. There are a lot of resources to help with making a portal but before you do that, I would really map out the dev/user journey.