Building a strategic marketing plan

(Alessio Fattorini) #1

I need a marketing action plan to spread my community/product word. My product is a Linux distribution so having a small budget (4/500 $) I’m thinking to find a good writer (technical) and ask him to make a review (or more than one) publish it on a platform like or Distrowatch and promoting it on Reddit/slashdot, etc…
Is it a good marketing plan? Do you have any additional advice? I’m really new with things like this

(Girish Gupta) #2

This sounds a good plan but a very small part of what it could be a big plan. Good and big plans demands both organic and paid efforts.
I would suggest that you create a long term engaging buzz around your product promotion activity.

Only publishing an article after getting it written from some technical writer will not suit your aim, as you will not be able to connect your audiences for a long time with what all will be coming around in future. Again you will be keep on investing money.
Instead, you should invest money in such manner so that audiences you build around your product can be connected with you for a long term.

(Alessio Fattorini) #3

Thanks for your reply, I have already my audience, a small community with 450 members, 200/300 visits each day and a good/well-documetated product but I’m trying to expand it a bit.
Are you suggesting me to pay a writer for a content plan? With a stock of articles to publish on the long term?
I don’t know my way around…

(Girish Gupta) #4

So, I’m asking you to expand your community along with content writing on some social media platform where you can find following features -

  • posts sharing
  • polling or voting
  • images sharing
  • presentation sharing
  • video sharing
  • Blogging
  • sharing feature to other Social Media Platforms
  • Event Management
  • Messaging among members
  • Inviting Friends Features

If you want to know more about such platform then you can connect with me.

(Sarah Hawk) #5

Hi @Girish_Gupta, we’d prefer that this kind of conversation happen here on the forums so that everyone can benefit. :smile:

@ale_fattorini has a community platform already established. Do you have any specific, practical suggestions around marketing?

(Bas van Leeuwen) #6

It sounds like a viable plan, but be very very weary of the IT-crowd, if they smell anything like a paid review, they’ll get out the pitchforks :smile:

Before you try and promote it to the big ones (slashdot, hacker news etc.), I’d try and proof it on the smaller communities out there, it makes it easier to flame out and try again.

Why not ask one of your current users to help you out?
What makes it unique among the many many distros? Can you hook in one of those USPs?