Build Community from scratch & reaching out to Experts

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Has anyone had to start a Global Community from scratch?
This is what I do:
Utruths is an App which helps users see the other facets of any arguments like a prism with the aim that through more mutual understanding; we will gain a more tolerant world.

Our members navigate through different perspectives from a spectrum of experts; those perspectives will then be the springboard/inspiration for our members to engage openly with others who have a different view to theirs.
I am trying to build the community by building brand awareness on Twitter and in parallel, I am reaching out to Experts/Trailblazers within the space of tolerance, which means they will usually challenge concepts and status quo in all things Love, Beliefs, Sexual Orientation and much more.

I love building the community and reaching out to experts I admire but I have to say that without a ‘party’ already in place, it is moving at a slow pace and whilst the Twitter Ad campaign has been great to build followers in the last week, it is too costly at this stage to rely too much on that.

So if you have any experience and would like to part some of your knowledge on building the community & getting experts on board,
then all feedback/tips are much welcome and appreciated.

Best and thank you for reading

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Hi @AngelaS & welcome.

My first reaction to this was that this is going to be a REALLY difficult community to build. The best communities are built by amplifying or simplifying existing habits. What you’re trying to do is go against the natural grain here. People tend to seek out people who share and personify their own opinions for example.

Getting experts to join a community that isn’t big yet is tough. What can you offer them that they don’t have already? It’s not impossible mind, but my feeling is that trying to do both of the above combined is going to make this community almost impossible.

Is there any scope to rework the project? i.e. what does your research tell you about this audience so far? What at their habits and likes/dislikes? What connections do you have right now? Could it be an exclusive place where you validate the expertise of people ? Or let people find others who agree with them (a dangerous road too mind).

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Hi Richard,

Thank you for your prompt response and raising your concerns, I have taken them on board, I realise it will be a challenge and that I am going against the grain…it is part of the idea :slight_smile:

Yes, the idea is I want the members to ‘unmingle’ which is one of the main challenges.

That is already part of the plan and I have a list of experts & well known names that I have personally met through other work that I do, who have accepted to take part, which will also attract their followers onto utruths and hopefully contribute to build the community
Having said that I am always on the look out to adding more experts, and it is those I have not personally met that naturally prove to be more difficult to get a response from.

Yes, always :slight_smile: This project has pivoted many times, I am flexible, I just want the essence of growing tolerance to be the drive of that community

So any further feedback/tips on building the community & getting experts on board, is much welcome and appreciated. Everyone had to start somewhere, even the big platforms out there today.

Thank you!

(Sarah Hawk) #5

The question that you need to find the answer to is what would motivate an expert that doesn’t know you to join your community? What is it that they need that they don’t currently get? Perhaps the opportunity to find new clients?

Are you currently reaching out via email?

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Hi Sarah,

Thank you for your response.

Yes, I am using email and LinkedIn - The ones I have come accross don’t have DM on Twitter.

[quote=“HAWK, post:5, topic:1788”]
what would motivate an expert that doesn’t know you to join your community?
[/quote] I have been asking myself the same question…it is a bit like the chicken and the egg…what came first… :slight_smile: I need the commnuity and the experts to gain traction from both :confused:

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It can take many, many iterations of a reach out message to hit on one that is successful. If you’re comfortable sharing your template, we could brainstorm that.

[quote=“AngelaS, post:6, topic:1788”]
I have been asking myself the same question…
[/quote] So it sounds to me like you might need to do some potential audience interviews to get to the bottom of this one. Without having a strong motivation to appeal to, I don’t think this will work.

(Angela Sorensen) #8

Hi Sarah,

In between our last messages, I have had an expert I found on Ted Talk who had 1M views and who’s one of the most talked about female speaker on there, responding to my email and accepting to take part :)! I am so happy :)!!!

From what I can understand she responded because our angle is right up her alley so she cares deeply about the topic. So I will keep at it. Thank you for taking the time to get back to me and for your kind offer.


(Sarah Hawk) #9

That is fantastic! Good on you.

So it sounds like what you have to offer is attractive to a relatively small percentage of the people that you are reaching out to, so you probably need to widen your reach significantly before you lose momentum.