Brand Advocacy Programs in Australia - Legal Implications


(Kate McGaughey) #1

Hi friends! My company is expanding from North America to Australia. I am interested to hear from anyone based there if you have any knowledge of local laws surrounding brand advocacy or ambassador programs in the country? Would love any tips or resources relating to disclosure, descriptive language, or legal requirements for running such a program. Thanks in advance!

(Adrian Speyer) #2

Hey @kmcghy,

I am not in Australia, but you piqued my interest and I went down a bit of a rabbit hole.

I found this interesting resources that seems to answer you question

I am certain some locals may want to add a comment too :slight_smile:

(Kate McGaughey) #3

This is really interesting - thanks @Adrian! I am definitely interested to hear more from anyone working locally in Australia as to if there are disclosure regulations for unpaid endorsements.

For example: Brand advocate on Twitter agrees to share X amount of brand’s content per month, but receives perks like labeling self as product “Expert” in Twitter profile, guest blogging opportunities with the brand etc. No monetary compensation exchanged.

In this case, would the label in the Twitter profile, showing affiliation with the brand, be sufficient disclosure of the relationship?

(Sarah Hawk) #4

I’m in NZ but our laws are very similar and I spoke to two Australian lawyers when writing the advocate/superuser piece last year.

Have you read the legal implications section in that resource?

Bottom line is that the law is pretty loose down here in that regard. If you don’t piss someone off you’re not likely to get yourself in hot water.

(Kate McGaughey) #5

Thank you @HAWK! I have not read your resource on superusers but will review ASAP.