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(Katy Kunkel) #1

I am working with a client that has a miracle product. BUT everyone makes that claim. I want to create a community around the something genuine to build trust in the brand VS make claims. (The product will speak for itself) Do you know of any indie skin/hair/wellness brands who do this well?

(Shreyas) #2

I was reading this article on LinkedIn earlier today. I’m fairly certain that very few people outside India have heard about the brand Patanjali, but here in India, they are a 5000 crore empire! They have successfully captured FMCG market in India and are now expanding to apparels and other products.
Until last year, they’ve spent nothing on marketing, however, this year they have a 300 crore budget for marketing. So how did all this happen? The founder of Patanjali is Baba Ramdev, who has been a yoga teacher known for his work in Ayurveda. He had an early morning show on TV about Yoga and hugely popularized Yoga among the youth. They got people to believe that their products were more organic when compared to others in the market. Another very interesting obeservation was that all their products were very cheap. If there’s cheap stuff with better quality, everyone would buy that. Now customers have turned to become prouct evangelists and recommend Patanjali products to their friends+family. The network effect is just so huge with this brand. However, Yoga & healthy living was their main selling point.

(Katy Kunkel) #3

thanks. a great case study! and this product has similar values

(Sarah Hawk) #4

Good to hear from you Katy.

I haven’t been involved with this community at all, so the recommendation is tenuous, but I’ve heard good things about Mecca.

(MHCommMgr) #5

I used to work in this industry and am not aware of any communities, but some brands whose branding I love include Ursa Major and Giving Beauty. You might check them out for inspiration. You could also try Neil’s Yard and Beautycounter, which sell through everyday folks, so they might have communities for those people (what are they called, direct sales?).

(Katy Kunkel) #6

thanks! these are great brands! thinking a community might not be the right play unless its a community cleverly aligned with the brand. we are targeting men in luxury skincare with western science and eastern soul. the community might be centered around the wellness content inspired by eastern soul. have not found a great skincare community. esp in expensive products.

(Katy Kunkel) #7

thanks. it seems community is tricky and left to magazines when it comes to beauty. Could be an opportunity! back to the drawing board.

(Katy Kunkel) #8

love these brands thanks! did you ever see any communities in the space or know of community strategies that might work with a product that really works. perhaps a testimonial play in this case. I’m thinking i will start a facebook group for the beta users

(MHCommMgr) #9

The Sephora beauty community is well known as a community management standard for a community of engagement around a topic. It focuses on all beauty but lives as an offshoot on the Sephora site. I can’t recall the name.

You might also try the No More Dirty Looks blog… I don’t know how much community they have (maybe on Facebook), but that is a very invested group of women around natural beauty.

(Katy Kunkel) #10

Thanks. No more dirty looks is a smashing blog! book marked it for me :slight_smile:

(Sarah Hawk) #11

I think that’s a smart move given the target market.