Brain Dumping for Scarybirds (Platform features)

(Kerry Santo) #1

What is the primary concept for your community? What will people come to the site to do/talk about/learn?

Okay my primary concept for the community is to provide a space where people can come together to get involved in creative projects and hopefully get experience through collaborations and connect with others and I would love it to be a good learning environment.

I am just going to give some examples of what seeds have been planted.

A) a friend in Brazil who is a writer wants to do a web animated series and as most of us have very little cash and me and my friend Ugis who is a camera man could film this for him. I do know a few animators who may like to get involved in the making of.

B) I have a script that needs rewriting and 4 more to write for making into short films so will be needing a place to upload scripts for feedback, then start pulling together people and resources to do pre production, production and post production and then will need space for sharing the process of all this and plus the marketing and distribution.

C) I do have a few sculpture projects that I would like to create and sell

D) Graphic Novels, just recently been in touch with a tutor who I spoke to a while ago about doing offline graphic novel workshops as there are none in Edinburgh, do go from concept to finished idea and explore digital media and web comics.

E) Audio plays and podcasts as friends of mine have written lots of short stories that would love to turn into either or these so to have a space that they could get involved in the process of making and keep an eye on progress.

F) Concept Photography shoots know quite a few photographers who want to collaborate on shoots and would like a place so I can promote their work.

G) Documentaries about various issues, got one in the pipeline about Edinburgh Drag Queens, also did a lot of research not long into the monetary system and how it operates so would like to develop an area for social issues which could lead to digital art films to be created

I love being able to promote people who I have worked with so they can benefit and earn money from their efforts, one of the guys I worked with before has ended up doing lots of book covers for writers from a few introductions I did for him, love doing this for others.

I know the site is going to have to be split into two for different types of access as I have been on lots of sites where people just talk so part of the network would be a collaborators club for specific projects, do know quite a lot of people who I have maintained relationships with and would want them to be part of the network but they may not want to be involved in projects.

I haven’t been able to stop collecting information about various things such as art, film making and things like that so want a place to be able to share inspirations and various links to sites that are relevant to each topic.

See what I mean about going off on tangents, I have a mind like a tangled mess with everything.

Have been thinking of features and need some help in coming up with a proper list. I will be waiting for Drupal to release version 8 which is on the 19th of November so been trying to teach myself some basics of html and css with code academy just now.

(Sarah Hawk) #2

I guess there are two parts to this thread.

1 - Your community concept
Your concept sounds really interesting and potentially valuable, but do communities like this already exist? Assuming that the answer is yes, what will be your point of difference?

2 - Platform features
Here are a few resources which you might find helpful:
A detailed list of vendor requirements
A software selection guide (I know you’ve chosen, but this walks through a lot of the important features)
An incredibly comprehensive list of features put together by @colleenyoung

Out of interest – why Drupal?

(Kerry Santo) #3

I have had a look around at a variety of sites for creative people but they just seem to be platforms to showcase an artists work and do not provide any functions for the members to actually collaborate on projects and sites that do allow collaboration are really specific, like Shooting People network is just for films and doesn’t really allow for stuff like art and sculpture, the network site I have seen that I liked is Stage 32 which has lots of members from all over. I was thinking of making my site invite only to start off but people could recommend others. I want it to be a site where people actually get to know each other. I have joined numerous networking sites and it is mostly a case of you join and apart from the obligatory welcome message nobody takes the time to find out more about you or even respond to messages etc. Also some sites its all about the user numbers for the sake of advertising. Years ago I used to join everything to have a look around to see what their layout and functions where like and how their users interacted with each other and most of them were based on popularity. There was a site I was on years ago called The Omidyar Network which was people actually coming together to do stuff, which was great met some fantastic people on there who I am still in touch with to this day. I don’t know how to distil what I just typed into a few sentences.

Thanks for the links will go and read them now.

The reason why I ended up with drupal one of the guys in the business network set me up a basic drupal site when I was trying to set up a social enterprise, I could do basic admin stuff like add members and activate modules but nothing else, at the time I did not have access to any control panel, due to people helping me out was reliant on them having time to help me, anyway couldn’t find anyone to help me one day which was really frustrating so decided to teach myself how to install it and install modules, this was a huge learning curve, but once I had managed that was a bit more confident. The amount of times I have trashed it and started again is quite a few. Did look at wordpress and have a go and it was horrible, did look at Joomla but found it limited in what you had access to. So am okay with using a control panel and installing sites, hosted by Green Geeks so can have multiple sites from the same place for no extra cost which is good. A friend of mine in Texas who is doing a phd in computer science says he can help me if I get stuck who is also very good with drupal and we have good chats when time permits. His time is limited so will need to exhaust all my options of fixing things before I give him a shout. When I chatted to him last he suggested to build up content to make videos of me interviewing all the members on the site, well in Edinburgh, will need to use skype or blab to interview those who are not in Edinburgh.