Bots versus Human communication: When and why

I’m fairly new to this community and logged in recently and noticed I had a PM from a bot that ran me through a little tutorial if you will.

At the bottom of the page there was a suggested topic, which was then a message from Rich.

My question is, what are ya’ll thoughts on this type of communication, bot versus an automated message coming from a person?

In this example, I can see how the bot may make since - since it was kind of running me through a tutorial versus the message from Rich was more like I’ve ranked up.

Anyone have any data points on one (bot/human) receiving more attention than the other?

The two serve very different purposes but both are going for the same goal – to make you feel comfortable and acclimatised. The bot is designed to walk you through the basic functions required to use the platform. The automated PM is to make you feel more connected to the community.

In CoPs I also recommend sending a personal message (not automated) to new members to heighten that connection and to find out what it is that they’re looking for. That’s pretty good for retention.

Usually personal message – automated message – bot but that depends a little on the community. Communities of young gamers love the bot, whereas older professional communities prefer the human touch.

The other factor to remember is that the bot is on all Discourse communities so the more of those people join, the less they’ll engage with the bot.

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Thanks Sarah,

Silly of me for to forget about thinking about the audience. Our community is b2b around a pretty technical business tool.

I’m leaning towards an automated message but coming from me.

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