(Sarah Hawk) #1

I had an embarrassing hour yesterday.

I restructured a large Slack community. It involved rewriting a custom bot.

When we were good to go, I did an @channel announcement to several thousand people.

At the same time my developer changed my username to Testy McTestface (to test, obviously).

We then learned that you can’t change it again for an hour. Fair to say, my serious and professional announcement didn’t look very serious or professional.

Make me feel better by telling me the stupid mistakes that you’ve made.

We need to change our behaviour here at Experts
We need to change our behaviour here at Experts
(Shreyas) #2

:joy: That’s hilarious. Sorry that happened, @HAWK :grin:

I’ve made several of those with mailing lists. After that, I make it a habit to have another pair of eyes to review the email to make sure it has all the required information. I usually send a test email to a bunch of people in the organization with the tag [Needs Review] or [Test]. This one time, I was sending out an email to one of our sponsors and I had forgotten to remove the [Needs Review] tag from the subject. He replied to the email with a

PS: Good to go :wink:

(Sarah Hawk) #3


What I didn’t mention is that my developer is my boyfriend. It was a frosty evening on the couch.

(Travis King) #4

A well deserved time out!

(Darren Gough) #5

I’ll let you know if these guys are hiring… :smiley:

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(Graham Perrin) #7

Rocked with laughter at the opening post. The only thing that’s missing from post 3 is a Something McSomethingFace pet name for your couch.

(Graham Perrin) #8

Forty-five minutes ago: I offered a cheerful private mini-rant to someone about a third person deleting content without explanation. (Not at a site that I moderate, I hasten to add.)


LOL, … a bit fookin trigger-happy sometimes. … but (mini-rant) just sometimes it’s …

Don’t call … to this message, please, I don’t want to fire things up, …

Thanks :thumbsup:

That, in reply to just one person’s message, so I imagine that I’m having a private one-to-one. Right? Of course I’m right. I’m always right, especially when in chucklethumbminirant mode.

Fifteen minutes ago: I scroll up and see moderators in the list of addressees before that one person’s message.



… Oops. …

On the bright side, I expect very few moderators there to see my blooper. Only a few thousand users at the site, which is not well-known, so I’m right to assume that there’ll be less than dozen moderators. Five, maybe. Five. Yes, that’s right. I have embarassed myself in front of only five people. Five. Right. I am right. Aren’t I?