[BLOG POST] Community Management vs Social Media Management

(Suzi Nelson) #1

Hey guys! I recently wrote a blog post about CM vs SMM that I thought you guys might like to dig into. Basically, it all comes down to who are you talking to. Would enjoy all your deepest thoughts and feelings about the topic.

Online Communities vs Social Networks
(Sarah Hawk) #2

Wow – epic post! Well done.

Your article is quite specific to CMs that work in branded communities (what I’d call Enterprise CMs) as opposed to those in CoP’s, but regardless, I think you’ve hit what I consider to be the main differentiator betwen SMMs and CMs on the head – to my mind that is whether you’re broadcasting or facilitating.

I especially love this description from your article:

A Community Manager’s main function is to create a healthy environment for members to connect with each other and facilitate, strengthen, and encourage those relationships.

(Suzi Nelson) #3

Thanks! Yeah, our blog is geared toward marketers. Had to have the specificy there to appeal to our avatars :wink:

(purldator) #4

Very nice article. It made me consider the differences enough to boil them down to their essence:

SMMs are concerned about presentation.
CMs are concerned about connection.


SMMs make the first impression. CMs keep it going.