Benchmarking Growth and Measuring Engagement

(Sekai Farai) #1

Hey @Nick_Emmett - I’m wondering how you guys came up with goals around week to week or quarterly growth and what you based that on. I’m also curious about if and how you’re measuring engagement. Thanks!

So, what are you working on?
So, what are you working on?
(Sarah Hawk) #2

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These are great questions, but not easy ones to answer in the sense that there are many factors that can influence the outcomes.

I’d think about:

  • how people find out about the community
  • what kind of onboarding process they experience
  • what the primary CTA (call to action) is
  • what engagement looks like to you (is it comments on articles? people liking posts?)

What behaviours do you need to see from members in order for the community to survive?

(Richard Millington) #3

One thing I’d notice here is the best way to set benchmarks is to look at the current rate of growth and plan accordingly.

If it’s rising by 5% per month, that’s great. But a real result will knock it up to 8% per month perhaps. So ultimately you’re beginning from a reasonable number and then trying to bend the line favourably. If that makes sense?