Behavioral red flags when recruiting new members?


(Luis Villa) #1

Obviously, the most important line of defense against bad actors is a strong CoC and a strong commitment to enforcing that CoC. But I’ve been wondering about adding in something slightly more proactive.

We’re currently doing some active outreach/recruitment of core members of a new community, and since the stakes are high, I’d like to see problems coming as much as possible. So that I can either drill down further for more details, or ease off on recruiting altogether.

In the limited discussions I’ve had about this so far, it keeps coming back to brute-force keyword search of social media: search for “gamergate”, etc., and scroll through all the results. I’m curious if this group has other suggestions, or more nuance they’d add to that approach. Am willing to pay for tools as well, if they exist.

(Jessica Malnik) #2

@luisvilla Major kudos for being proactive about recruiting new members that you think are the best fit for the community.

While it is not realistic to think you can keep out all bad actors, there are two things that you can do that will help minimize it.

  1. Be a leader. Model the behavior and actions that you most want to see others in the community follow.

  2. Ask this question often - "how would I feel everyone else in this community did “X” behavior or thing? If you discover that this thing would lower the quality of the community, then it might be time to revise your community guidelines or have a chat with that member.

(Nick Sandberg) #3

With every flag that arises, our moderator or myself will send a message to that individual explaining the flag and our resultant course of action. We always refer back to our TOS in that message and try to be very friendly in our explanation email. If the behavior continues or we see consistent violations of our TOS we will suspend or silence that member for a specified period of time. In the event that we find that we cannot quash the unsavory behavior of that individual or the overall value of engagement has dropped because of that person’s actions, we will permanently disable that member’s account. Luckily, we have only had to go down that unfortunate rabbit hole a handful of times. I am happy to report it’s a rarity in our friendly professional forum :slightly_smiling_face: