Before the Community - What do I ask the users?

Hey all,

I’m currently working on building a product community for a SaaS Product used primarily by IT Administrators.

We’ve identified a bunch of super cool people who are interested in forming our user panel, and here lies my challenge. To make sure that we build a community that gives our people what they want, and indeed to even know if they want a community, what should I be asking them?

What are the right type of questions to ask our potentnial users before we build our community?

Hello Farhan,
Thanks for posting and sharing your question.
The fact you’re co-constructing your future Community with some users is key! It’s already a great step of including them and asking them feedback :grin:
Feel free to lead the conversation with some questions that will help you: to build your platform, to see which features are expected or which benefits users will get from your Community.

  • Few “open questions” might help you to: get additionnal ideas you didnt get yet.
  • Few “driven” questions with pre-selected questions might help you to: pick the right option, feature, need vs. others and focus on the most important / expected one(s).
    If you already selected your Community priorities, be sure they’re the one expected by your users.
    If you have some pending actions, you’ll get some feedback to gove further or draw new ones! :slight_smile:
    hope it helps
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There are a few good resources on Rich’s blog.

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