Banner: crowdsourced testing

(Sarah Hawk) #1

Hey all,
I’m playing around with the banner at the top of the page, and I could do with your feedback.
Is it throwing out anyone’s display? (I’m not rendering it for mobile devices.) Are you able to dismiss it?

(christopher w) #2

Looks fine to me:

Chrome, OS X, Mac 27"

(Bas van Leeuwen) #3

Looks fine on my Safari, 13" Mac as well.

(don’t like the fact that it’s there though :hushed: )

(Sarah Hawk) #4

Because it takes up real estate, or because it’s an ad?

(Bas van Leeuwen) #5

The two go hand in hand :slight_smile:

It’s quite big. Before I’d be able to see 9 threads before the fold, now I can see 5; that’s a 45% reduction in real estate.

I’d be happy if it was dismissible; I know the AEM exist, I do not wish to partake for now.

(Sarah Hawk) #6

All very fair points.

I’m not sure that I have the ability to make it dismissible using core functionality, but I’ll check into that. I can certainly make it smaller.

(Sarah Hawk) #7

Turns out I can make it dismissible! Done.

Caveat: My Javascript skills are pretty rubbish so we’ll see how this holds up. Let me know if you notice buggy behaviour.

(Joe Velez) #8

this is what I see on a Surface Pro 4…

you may be able to fix it using media-queries…

.add-header-links {
    float: left;
    padding-left: 10%; 

setting padding-left to 5% or 0 should fix it

(Sarah Hawk) #9

Thanks Joe.

If you close the banner do you still have the same issue?
I have a number of media-queries and they theoretically shouldn’t be affected by this.

Edit: Ok, I think I’ve sorted it. How’s it looking now @Joe_Velez?

(Sarah Hawk) pinned globally #10

(Joe Velez) #11

Looks great Hawk!

(JoeBuhlig) #12

Been a couple days since I’ve stopped by and when I saw the ad I literally dropped my head back in surprise. Really caught me off guard. I didn’t have an issues dismissing it. I do quite a bit of web development so if the javascript gives you trouble let me know. I could help there if you like.

Edit: One thing I noticed is that the banner comes back after dismissal. If I close the tab and then come back to the site it returns. Is that by design?

(Sarah Hawk) #13

No, that’s likely my dodgy code. I’ll PM you to see if you have a simple solution.

(Gear Buzz) #14

There is dismiss forever and dismiss per session.

(Sarah Hawk) #15

And thanks to @JoeBuhlig I now have an elegant solution. Let me know if anyone experiences any problems.

If you’re not logged in you’ll see a prompt to register. If you are, you’ll see the ad banner which you’ll need to dismiss once every 60 days.