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(sandra paquette) #1

Hi. I’m looking for a B2B platform with a payment system (for members to register and pay) that is for a sophisticated user (senior leaders). Here are some of the capabilities:

  • Payment system to charge monthly members
  • MVP features - Q&A, Share, Events and with ability to search and store answered questions
  • Ability for users to interact on their phone when they are on the run or between meetings -a great way for them to see the subject of their emails to determine to look or delete
  • Future ability to develop subgroups that are private and to allow members to identify the type of questions they have skills to answer and want to receive

We’ve looked at many!! and have struggled to get the quality with the payment system with a cost that is doable for a start-up. Our budget is 500- 1,000 monthly but would prefer not to have a long contract as we are testing concept.

Ones we have looked at - Discourse (not the quality for leaders), Sales Force 60.00 per user so adds up with lots of members, Vanilla (same as discourse), Personify (no payment system and long contracts), Invision (which we really liked but no call backs). We have literally looked at 40 to 50.

Any new ideas would be extremely appreciated.

Sandra Paquette, Search consultant in Toronto

(Richard Millington) #2

Hello again @searchsmart,

Looking at the filters (or requirements above), my instinct is it’s going to be a real struggle to get all the features you want at that price point. There might be a mismatch here between your needs and the platform market.

So I’d suggest looking at either increasing the budget (which is unlikely) or changing your own requirements. There is also a chance of finding a tiny niche platform that does exactly what you want but then goes out of business relatively quickly (or raises their own rates).

Two things I’d consider.

  1. Separate the payment system from the community. You can set up a payment system in Stripe that goes to you and then you manually add people to the community. This opens up the door to a lot of platforms out there. We do this for a lot of our courses actually.

  2. You can also check out other sites, like MightyNetworks, and then do some things externally.

Other than that, you might have to start looking at event-orientated apps, but I’d be reluctant to go there.

(sandra paquette) #3

Thanks. I am willing to pay more, probably up to 1.5K. But I think you are right we are probably going to add the payment system to a community platform. I was just hoping to avoid that extra work/cost especially as it will need to track members who have stopped paying, yearly memberships versus monthly etc. Thanks for responding so quickly.

(Duncan Field) #4

@searchsmart I’d second the payment system comment here.

in my experience limiting your selection with this feature makes things a nightmare, and can threaten a result where you lose a feature that more directly benefits the user, in favor of a payment system that mostly benefits you.

Food for thought

(sandra paquette) #5

Thank you Duncan I appreciate the perspective.