Avatar in mobile thread list or snippet?

(Gear Buzz) #1

This all a bit too tall (and yes it is not the same platform as here)

but I LOVE the “added interest info” in the snippet.

I am not sure if our users avatars suit being shrunken. A lot of them are artwork and look like “nothing” shrunken (they are square)

Snippet seem of more use to google visitors wondering where the heck they have landed
Avatars seem more use to community members

Snippet or avatar?

(The small check box square is admin only so ignore it)

(Sarah Hawk) #2

I’m not convinced that avatars are that important in this view. I think giving people more context around the post topic would be of more value for everyone.

I vote snippet.

(Gear Buzz) #3

Here is what we are replacing

(Joe Velez) #4

I’m in the camp that visuals play a big part in participation/engagement. No matter how small. It stimulates the mind.

I use avatars…

1 ) To help members find similar faces - maybe somebody they follow.
2 ) To introduce more color to a page that may be perceived as boring.

Colors are known to have a positive / negative effect on people.

I will say this much … your new version looks easy on the eye.

(Gear Buzz) #5


It’s slightly tweaked now with italics for the snippet.

(Richard Millington) #6

That’s xenforo? Looks much better than I remember xenforo looking in the past.

(Joe Velez) #7

italics are harder to read the smaller the text is

check device size/resolution stats in Analytics (or whatever you use) … make sure you test for these sizes

I’m sure you know your target audience age. If most are 30+ then please consider their eye site. The gray italic text may not be clearly visible to some.

Can you share your main page? The main page is the most IMPORTANT on mobile. If that doesn’t work then you may be doing more harm.

What is your current mobile usage? (vs desktop)

(Gear Buzz) #8

Busy week back to you soon.