Automatic points granted after customer takes survey


(Alissa Lockwood) #1

We would like to grant users community points for taking surveys. The scenario would be, a customer takes a survey and upon completion, they are granted a certain amount of points or “reputation” points (in salesforce).

We are currently using “getfeedback” for our surveys and are wondering if there are any integrations with salesforce and getfeedback? We are using Salesforce community cloud- lightning experience…

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

(Richard Millington) #2

Hi @alockwood

I’m not sure who else is using cloud-lightning. I don’t think we distinguished them when we did our big list of communities a while back. Do you have a link to the community I can see?

(Alissa Lockwood) #3

Hi Richard-, but it should be noted that our community only has certain pages and our KBs public.

Sorry for delay in response, but I appreciate the help!!