Asking for Donations - Wording


(Jenny Sutherland) #1

A friend and I run a minecraft server that runs a few things, but we are kept going from donations from our players to keep things running.

We offer in-game cosmetic things, titles, and small fun perks for $1, $15, and $50 donations, and as I have been redesigning our website (with a new forum, sure to get hot tips here) I started to ponder about using the word Donate/Donations at all.

I’ve learn from my mother that some successful writing for business is to really talk about what we get to do for you (customer)! Further pondering on how we can apply this to getting a steady enough donation income to pay the bills.

Maybe changing how we ask, as well as what we call our donators could impact their likely hood of taking action and helping out? Id love to know if this is a topic all ready written about on here, i had a quick skim of this sub forum.

I sat down and jotted some ideas down
Alternative words for donating:

  • Level Up
  • Contibute
  • Pitch/Chip In
  • Support
  • Pledge
  • Sponsor
  • Bestow
  • Add to the community/server
  • Play a part

In addition, possible names for donators! eg. for list of donators or top donators

  • Patron
  • Backer
  • Contributor
  • Member
  • Champions
  • Citizen
  • Disciple (Our server is called Mt Olympus, we play on a lot of Greek mythology and religions)
  • Supporter
  • Friends

A lot of these feel boring and not as engaging as I am looking for. Do others have experience in this kind of thing? Or other nifty ideas in this area?

(Sarah Hawk) #2

Hi Jenny,
Interesting topic. I don’t have experience in this directly, but you’ve hit the nail on the head when you say that it’s about convincing people of the value for them.

Without understanding your audience and their values, it’s hard to make definitive suggestions. Are you in a position to survey a segment of them to find out which terms resonate best?

Rich has written a fair bit about persuasion.

(Jenny Sutherland) #3

It can be a tricky position because we are also restricted by Minecraft’s EULA- if we break it we can be shut down. So perks for our players in game cannot give them some sort of game advantage over others.

Our demographic is mainly male, and ages range from 10 - 40! So mostly thinking of them as gamers because of broard range of people. A lot of us play it to create and play with friends. We also have a few fairly popular live streamers on there who bring in a lot of players.

We have titles for supporters (term most liked by my fellow admins) and cosmetic tiers, but I cannot help but feel like we could give more.

I like the survey idea we have a system set up for that. I have also been looking at other servers and what they offer to get ideas.

I need to read all of the stuff on persuading! And then communicate it well to my team :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: