Are You New To Managing Communities? Get Started Here


(Richard Millington) #1

(I’m still tweaking this as a post for newcomers, what other resources should be in here?)

If you’re new to managing communities, here are some resources you might find useful.

The Basics

  1. How To Build An Online Community (big list of resources)
  2. The Community Lifecycle
  3. The SPACE Model
  4. The Community Maturity Model
  5. The Business Value Model
  6. Community Strategy Templates.
  7. Strategic Community Management

Calculating the ROI of your community

  1. Calculating the ROI of Online Communities
  2. The CR Community ROI Calculator
  3. Vanilla Community ROI Calculator

Community Platforms

If you’re looking for a platform, there is a big difference between the big enterprise platforms with annual fees of >$10k and the rest (smaller tools like Facebook Groups, MightyBell etc.

  1. FeverBee’s Community Comparison tool.
  2. CMX Community Platform guide.
  3. TrustRadius
  4. G2
  5. Capterra

Implementation Partners

  1. Grazziti (Lithium, Salesforce and others)
  2. 7Summits (Salesforce and Jive)
  3. Social Edge Consulting


  1. Buzzing Communities (our own book).
  2. Building Successful Online Communities.
  3. Cultivating Communities of Practice.
  4. The Art of Community.


  1. FeverBee (ours)
  2. CMX
  3. Community Roundtable
  4. Leader Networks
  5. Vanilla Forums

Sense of Community

Make sure you read about the Psychological Sense of Community.


  1. FeverBee’s Community Academy
  2. Community Roundtable
  3. CMX Training.

Relevant Events

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(Shreyas) #4

I think webinars might be a useful addition to this getting started list. For example, for someone starting out, it might be useful to know what internal support for community might look like, and how they can go about getting that:

(Ayanda Khuzwayo) #5

@richard_millington thank you so much for these.

(Pauletta Willsey) #6

thank you a lot! I will definitely use your recommendations. if you would have some updates, please don’t forget to come back. it is always interesting reading it all!

(Richard Millington) #8

Ok, made a few updates to this. Thanks everyone!

I don’t want it to become a sprawling resource, but just something that would help someone just starting out in community management. Very open to more suggestions here. What resources would help?

(Piper_Wilson) #9

Fantastic resource. I’ve got nothing to add but I did want to say how much I appreciate this.


(Alessio Fattorini) #10

Just some other conferences:

(Nick Emmett) #11

Wowsers! This is a really great post - That huge list at the start of the post was invaluable to me as I started down this route! Will be making sure I’ve checked everything else out on here too! Nice job!

(kerstin wiggins) #12

I just started building out a list of similar resources for our new community clients, and figured I’d pop over here to find some more resources. Didn’t expect to see a robust list already provided! Y’all are awesome - thank you!

(luca meli) #13


new member , I am really happy to be around here. I have created a community but I do not know if it will survive its first year. If it will I am sure Feverbee will be fundamental.

I think the most difficult task when creating a community, it is to get the concept right. If it is wrong nothing is going to work

(Fernando Schneider) #14

Thank you so much for this! Really useful and hitting the mark to help a newbie to get started :slight_smile:

(Richard Millington) #15

You’re welcome @fernando_schneider, really hope it helps!