Are there specific members/groups you'd like to connect with?

(Sarah Hawk) #1

I’ve been thinking on ways to help members here connect with others in similar situations.

Are there groups that would add value for you? There are a few ways that I could approach it, but before I spend time on it, I’m interested in your feedback.

Would you find value in being able to easily identify people to network with?

e.g. CMs of education communities, Nonprofits, people in the Bay Area, solo CMs, remote workers?

(Joel Zaslofsky) #2

I’m not much for casual networking, Hawk. I’d rather have tools to find people in this community that I could have a potentially long-lasting, meaningful connection with.

For me, that means identifying the places we overlap that are tangents to or separate from the core purpose of FeverBee. As a multipotentialite – someone with a diversity of interests, passions, skills, and creative outlets – it’s the intersection between what I do and who I am that’s most fulfilling for me.

If FeverBee was Google, I’d ask questions like:

  1. “Which other members love using Excel spreadsheets in their role with their own community?”
  2. "How does your passion for the Paleo lifestyle, simple-living, or bringing people together inform the way you approach your community?
  3. “Have you ever heard of World Domination Summit or Camp GLP? (Two events I love.) Do either of those events seem like they’re with your right kind of people?”

I’d primarily filter and sort other members by psychographics if possible. Demographics, especially geographic region, would be secondary, but also helpful. I’m fond of getting together IRL. :slight_smile:

(Sarah Hawk) #3

Ok, I’m hearing you.

In practical terms, how do you think that might work?

(Wil L) #4

I jumped through several hoops to get here.

-Asked a colleague for their GDC login (I only had an expo pass… which means I get to watch 0 fancy videos)
-Sifted through the junk community lectures (Ex. the ones that tell me stuff like “Make sure to use Twittter analytics and respond to your texts fast!” :unamused:)
-Found the one diamond in the rough, which was Richard’s GDC vault lecture on Data Driven Community Management
-After the lecture concluded I looked him up because I’ve never seen someone approach Comm Management as a cold, calculating science
-Found this website… noticed a community button

Here I am!

(Sarah Hawk) #5

Boom! Welcome.

You mentioned to me that you work in the gaming industry. You need to connect with @Mjbill – Mark’s a veteran of the industry, and a nice guy too.

@Andrej_Raider @WouterS and @Jeffrey_Otterspoor are also amazing.

(Andrej Raider) #6

Welcome @dx30 . (I am a Newbee myself tho) :sweat_smile:
What type of games are you working with?

@HAWK : I am particularly interested in CMs who are about to start/found a community or are in the middle of a foundation process. Since I am in the same situation and it would be cool to have some casual chats about that and maybe exchange some useful tips. This time it´s not related to gaming though :slight_smile: (although there will be gamification)

(Wil L) #7

I’m working with mobile games. Do you think forums are an adequate platform for mobile games? (I’m talking midcore-upper midcore RPGs etc) – How can I link engagement via Reddit / Facebook / in-game to ROI? My boss said it’s difficult and probably not possible. How do I best discover the interests and preferences of my users? How many memes should I share per hour? How do I not run a community into the ground?

(Sarah Hawk) #8

You need @lucasmiller3 and @amyperrin who are in the pre-launch process. (Oh! And @aimee_charlton)

And perhaps @James_McMahon and @Dave_Charbonneau who have recently launched.

(Sarah Hawk) #9

Do you mean how can you get the data, or what is the relationship? This resource might be handy if it’s the latter.

You ask them. :slight_smile: Survey a sector of your audience. This post is helpful re surveys.

That’s probably a bit bigger than a single answer. I’d start by reading through some of these resources.

(Robert McIntosh) #10

me too … no games, just wine! :wink: :champagne:

(Robert McIntosh) #11

One thing I think would be useful on all these sites is a better understanding of where people are based. A CMs cultural context, timezone (or working hours) and potential for linking up is hugely affected by where they are based. I see mentions of gatherings of CMs in places like SF or Austin, and it would be good to find other CMs in the UK and Europe to balance out the often US-centric content around communities.

For example, there was a thread here about conferences we might attend, and they were all US based and no discussion of anywhere else. While I understand that the market might be more advanced over there, that gives us extra reason to work together over here to establish ourselves.

(Andrej Raider) #12

Back then I worked with a known RTS mobile game and we had a forum for it. It was performing way poorer than the forums of our other (browser) games. Although, there was always some activity every now and then, but it was very, very hard to make people participate and the main reason to participate was, when there was something to complain about. I guess one of the main reasons was that the forum was not adequate for mobile-users and another mistake that was made, was having a separate forum for every language from the beginning on. Some forums actually never came to life after all. We figured it would be better to build an in-app platform for the community so they don´t have to leave the game, but in the end, unfortunately it was never realized.

I guess it is possible to run a successfull forum for a mobile game but my learning was that it is way harder, also because of the game category (You don´t want to exchange long strategies writing on a mobile device. And 80% of our visitors accessed from mobile).

(Josh Wolf) #13

I’d like in on that conversation too!

(Sarah Hawk) #14

There are lots of you!

If I were you I’d start a new topic so you can bounce around your ideas and challenges.

(Duncan Field) #15

I’m in the middle of founding a community over the next couple of months!

(Mark Baldwin) #16

Personally, I think forums don’t work very well with mobile games, but then we don’t work on RPG games. I run all our games community through social media and support emails. I’ve managed traditional forums in the past both on Steam and our own forums and found them to be incredibly hard to manage as gamers seem to be the most self entitled and will moan at just about anything.

When sharing content, use tools to see when most of your community is online and share at a regular time so people get used to a time of the day when they will see new content. Gamers do love a good meme, but gamers also like something very simple. If you are looking for engagement, a simple yes or no question always seems to work the best.

That’s very nice of you @HAWK :slight_smile: and @dx30 please feel free to connect with me on Linkedin.

(Mohammed Rafy) #17

This actually is an interesting Idea and I would love to meet with fellow developers/evangelist who handles the developer community or edtech company. Would love to connect and get insights on how is that they manage the larger community when it started growing, even work together if possible on some interesting projects to create a robust community of developers around the globe.

(Robyn Jordan) #18

This is great, I would very much love to connect with people working as community professionals in the entertainment industry, not just gaming but other media, television, film, publishing. That is the type of work that I would love to get into - full time fandom being my ultimate career goal.

I would also be interested to connect with people in the Bay Area and remote workers as that is currently where I’m located but remote work is also something I’d love to transition into.

(Sarah Hawk) #19

So I’m thinking on how I can make this actionable.

It sounds like the primary groups of interest are:

  • industry sector
  • community lifecycle stage (e.g. conceptualisation/pre-launch, established)
  • geographic location

If we establish groups for the first two and direct new members to those when they join, would that be useful?

(Robyn Jordan) #20

I think so