Are there any Lithium customers/partners out there planning to attend LiNC London next month?


(Roisin Kirby) #1

Hi all,

I’m a 6 month old Lithium customer, looking to meet Community/Program managers from other SaaS/B2B companies that use Lithium’s community platform.

If I’m totally frank, the Lithium trainings are too expensive and I’m not wowed by the conference content overall - my goal is to meet and learn from other users. If there is anyone out there who has a) been to a Lithium conference before and can speak to it’s value and/or b) is planning to attend the London even next month then I’d love to hear from you!

I also welcome any conference/networking tips and tricks from the Feverbee Community in general.

Thanks guys!

Conference networking tips and tricks?
(Richard Millington) #2

Hi @roisinkirby (do you have two accounts here?)

I’ve been to the big Lithium Linc event in the past in San Francisco, but I think the smaller events are a relatively new concept.

At the big event, I found the speakers a mixed bag. Some were definitely really great and knew their topic inside out. People like @joecothrel, Michael Wu, @zapleahy and others are awesome and at the top of their game. Others were a little disappointing. I haven’t attended the training, so can’t speak about to them. I’ve heard they’re great at explaining how to use and optimize the platform.

I think the key to getting the most from any event is to create your own agenda. Begin with a goal and determine who you need to meet and what you need to learn to achieve that goal. Attend the sessions that interest you and meet with interesting people during those that don’t.

Looking at the agenda, I’m not sure we’ll attend this time around. But would definitely be interested next time.

(Sarah Hawk) #3

Not any more. :slight_smile:

@aluciani @JasonHill @cocastro and @Nikoletta_Harrold all know Lithium well (and it goes without saying that @Claudius and @Charlotte_Kubler do). That probably doesn’t speak to your question of conference attendance, but if you have training based questions they’d be good contacts.

(Charlotte Kubler) #4

Hey @roisinkirby - I’m helping organise the event in London next month, so happy to give a bit of insight :slight_smile:

In terms of the agenda, we are still to announce our mainstage speakers / case studies, but will be covering some industry findings as well as product updates - and of course showcasing some stories from various verticals. Our external keynote is Deanna Oppenheimer - who is “recognised globally as one of the most influential leaders in financial services and is a non-executive director for a number of companies including AXA Group and Tesco

But what I am a big fan of (if I can do a bit of humble brag) is our breakout sessions:

  • Panels - pretty standard in conferences, we will be talking about the bigger picture of digital customer experience, and the future of both community and social media management. Speakers confirmed as of yet are ING Group, Parrot, GiffGaff, HP, ScottishPower and Team Viewer.
  • Roundtables - I know that what’s valuable in these sessions is networking and sharing with peers, and that’s why we are having 3 rounds of round tables moderated and led by @joecothrel and Dave Evans, touching upon things such as crisis management and also how the job of community manages are evolving. People will be in tables of 10 and the conversations will be facilitated by some of our internal experts.
  • Workshops - Our Strategic Services team will be running 3 hands on workshops around internal readiness, measurement and growth - this is aimed at letting you leave the event with some ideas as to how to take action. I was part of that team for 3 years before moving into marketing, and are really really a strong asset within Lithium.

I can’t really disclose who is coming without the interested people raising their hands, but I see you’ve also asked the question on the Lithium Community. All I can say is that our customers are really an awesome bunch, and always happy to help and network, rant and share stories - and will be more than happy to make a few intros on the day!

If you have any other questions, feel free to ping me here, on the Lithium Community (CharlotteK), email (charlotte.kubler @ or whatever is convenient to you :slight_smile:

Hope that this has helped!


Side note: I was part of the initial team for your project back when it kicked off - so happy to connect about that too if needed!

(Nikoletta Harrold) #5

Hi @roisinkirby - i have not been to the big Lync conference (which is no longer happening) and i have not had a chance to attend their smaller local events. Dependent on what you want to gain (connections, learning, new features update etc…) there may be lots of better options. My boss attended last years big User Conference and came away unimpressed.

I have done most of the Campus training and while they are not that useful if you are already an experienced community manager, I do believe that some of the free courses are actually pretty rich in ideas and inspirations.

If you just want to chat with other CM’s that use Lithium… I think you can find a lot of us on this network or at CMX events. I would even say, ask your rep at Lithium what other companies are using their platform that fit your company profile and ask to be connected to those CMGR’s. I have done it and it’s very useful.

So what are you hoping to find?