Applying the BJ Fogg Model To Communities

(Richard Millington) #1

I know Juergen and a few others will have their own thoughts about this. 

What do you think of applying the BJ Fogg behavior model to communities. It often cites companies like Facebook/Instagram which have used the principles to get people participating more frequently.

Over the last year or so, we've begun using elements of it to get more of our clients community off the ground. Specifically, the work around triggers. We look for existing habits/behaviour that members already undertake and use that as a trigger to get them to participate in the community until it becomes a habit. 

Has anyone else experimented with this at all? Or does anyone have any thoughts on it? 

You can visit his site here: and

The article on motivation is also quite interesting. Very different from the typical intrinsic/extrinsic model. 

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Also, mean to add. If anyone has a case study beyond Facebook of an organization using this, it would be great to include it somewhere on the site.