Anyone with experience migrating a Jive forum to something new?

Hi all,

I’m in a bit of a pickle; I need to migrate a Jive forum to a new platform. The web has several companies all claiming they do this all the time, but when actually asked to do it, I hear that they haven’t actually ever migrated one. Oh, and that the price they mentioned would be around 30x more…

Has anyone here ever migrated off Jive (JX) and moved as much of their community to something else?

Thanks in advance for your insights!


Hi Scott,

There’s a few companies whom have done this at different levels. The main ones are 7Summits and Grazitti. We’ve done some work here in a project lead role as well.

The biggest question is what platform you’re planning to move to?

When you say the price would be 30x more…what is that in relation to? 30x more than what? :slight_smile:

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If you’re interested in moving a Jive community to Discourse, I can help. I’ve done dozens of Discourse imports and I think that a couple were from Jive. See for general information on Discourse imports.

When someone asked me to migrate their data from Discourse to something else, I made a bid that wasn’t 30X more than a reasonable amount, but it was close to 5X. :slight_smile:


The challenge, perhaps, is determining what classifies as a ‘reasonable amount’.

In my experience, that’s pretty subjective and prone to many different variables.

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We’re moving to bbpress (mainly because I need to build in a member rewards system with physical prize redemption along with a bunch of other features.

The price I got from one expert was $9500. Several others all claim they can do this, but when actually presented with the job, they reveal that they don’t actually know it at all.

Thankfully this thread seems to have an expert - I’ve dropped him an email.

Thanks everyone for your knowledge and for letting me pick your brain!


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I agree. The desired fee will be far different for someone running a hobby forum than for someone who can just expense the fee with no worries in the world.

Making sure you don’t rip off the poor hobbyist is just as important as making sure you don’t undercharge the corporate customer and have them thinking they duped you…

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Indeed. I do my best to give the hobbyists a break as well as make clear things that can be (not) done to reduce the price.

Jay did great work for our migration! (Not from Jive).

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Moot point now because you’re not moving to Discourse, but in case others find this in the future, migration from any platform to Discourse is covered if you sign up for a year on our hosting.

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Hi there, I have managed 1 migration off of Jive recently and am in the middle of planning another similar migration. Happy to share feedback on platforms and agencies as well as share resources I have been referencing. Just pm me.

Best, sara

Agreed 100% here - @Jay_Pfaffman was extremely patient and unbelievably helpful. I hope to work with him again in the future.