Anyone want to solve this problem?


(Richard Millington) #1

Hey everyone,

Looking for some ideas to solve this problem.

Between Nov 9 and 13, the number of visitors to feverbee experts tracked from suddenly plummeted to zero.

This could just be a tracking problem (albeit I’m not sure how) or it could be something I’ve changed. But, I can’t see / think of anything I’ve changed. So I’m open to ideas.

Anyone think they can figure it out? Feel free to use if you like?

(Mark Baldwin) #2

Did you make any changes to the site around that time, as you could have accidentally deleted important tracking information?

Saw this comment you made in a thread in November:-

Also made a slight tweak on the site structure today. Positioned the top challenges / discussions higher up on the page. Going to give it a week to see if I like it.

Worth checking.

(Richard Millington) #3

Have you got the link to that thread?

Your explanation sounds the most plausible to me.

Very surprised about it though.

(Mark Baldwin) #4

(Mark Baldwin) #5

Making changes can sometimes mess about with your tags that analytics needs. Would make sense seeing it completely drop off like that.

(Richard Millington) #6

yes, this definitely seems to be it.

The timing is exact.

Relatively glad it’s not an actual drop in traffic.

(Lorraine Pocklington) #7

There’s also something that I’ve experienced on a site. When we moved the site to https:// there was a big drop in referral traffic from external sites.
Turns out if you have a link on an https:// site that sends traffic to another https:// site but uses for the link http:// then it no longer gets counted in referral traffic.
SO if that was part of the site change - moving from http:// to https:// - that could contribute to the problem. Any old links will still be http://
It’s related to this (see link below) but a little more complicated since it can be that both sites on either side of the exchange are https but the link itself is http
– well that’s what I found when researching the problem anyway.

(Richard Millington) #8

thanks @lorraine_pocklington

Useful information. Thanks for sharing.

I’m not sure that’s the situation here as we didn’t make a similar change around that time. I supsect @Mjbill is probably right on this one. Just figuring out how to fix it now.

(David DeWald) #9

This is expected behavior,

When going between HTTP and HTTPS the HTTP spec says that a referer header should NOT be sent (see 15.1.3 in RFC2616).

(Adrian Speyer) #10


This is my tool of choice for debugging Google Analytics

Are you still seeing issues? I noticed some Javascript errors that may be causing you to lose some pageviews.